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Afrodjango is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting Python programming language in East Africa. Our vision is to build a generation of Python developers who are capable of creating an impact. Afrodjango is the official representative of Python Software Foundation in East Africa. We organize Python training events, conferences, support Python user groups and organizations. We encourage University and secondary school students to learn Python programming by providing trainers and developing Python education curriculum and training programs that suites their learning capacity.


To promote, train and build a python user community in East Africa.


To build a generation of Python developers who are capable of creating an impact.

core objective
Empowering the future generation with python development skills.

Ambassadors of Python software foundation
We are the official representatives of Python Software Foundation in East Africa and our major role is to ensure that Python user community evolves from one generation to another. We encourage Python community members and organizations to …Read more..

Python user groups created since 2015

We have created and support 17 Python user groups at different learning institutions in East Africa. Through the 5 training programs: python for universities and colleges, AfroPyKids, AfroPyLadies, Python for refugees and Python for people…Read more..

Countries where we operate
The Afrodjango impact

Since inception, our community has grown to over 3000 members from 16 universities and secondary in East Africa and we operate 4 Python development centers (PyLabs) at Makerere University Software Systems Center, Kampala International University College of Computing Lab, Kyambogo university computer lab and University Of Kigali software development lab.

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Our training programs

Afrodjango is a non-profit organisation, and we depend on your support to promote Python in East Africa.

Free hands on Python,Django and IOT training

Trainees learn modern Python programming principles, web development with Django framework, embedded systems and IOT.

  • Basic training
  • Intermediary training
  • Advanced training
  • Capacity building training
  • Mentorship

Projects development by trainees

We help trainees build and launch applications and software for commercial purposes through our AfroPyStart-up project.

Some of the projects developed by trainees
  • Home automated system
  • IOT enabled security system
  • Online school management system

Building partnerships and collaborations

We work with key players to support the python community in East Africa and some of our partners include Universities, non-profit organisations, companies, secondary schools and individuals who share a common vision of empowering people with Python software development skills.Read more..

Non-profit organisations Companies Academic institutions Individuals


We are located at our 3 PyLabs: Makerere University, Kampala International University and Kyambogo University

P.o Box 36801 Kampala, Uganda

We are the Ambassadors of Python Software Foundation in East Africa

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  • Tel: +256 758 591015
  • Tel: +256752 567534
  • Tel: +256 779 267015