The PyLab Academy

Learn, network and have fun with python!

Our pyLabs facilities are focused on providing a favorable environment for python developers and trainees. With computer, internet, equipment and experienced trainers committed to helping our trainees learn, network and have fun with the codes.

Are you interested in learning python programming language?

Afrodjango maintains 4 Python training and development centers at 4 partner universities namely: Makerere University, Kampala International University and Kyambogo University and University of Kigali. PyLabs are equipped with Computers, Books, Raspberry Pies, Assorted sensors, Arduinos, Motive detectors among other equipment as well as internet connectivity. Python trainers and mentors are readily available to assist anyone who is interested in learning python programming and related technologies.

Python training curriculum

This training model is tested and adopted by major universities in East Africa such as, Makerere University, University of Kigali, Kampala International University and Clarke International University among others.

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