AfroPyVasity Conference

The the annual inter university python users gathering organized by the Afrodjango Initiative together with partner academic institutions in Uganda. 100 Python developers and users will take part in talks, sprints, conferences and tutorials. Come and enjoy the two day of python activities, share knowledge and experience.

Since we started in 2016, AfroPyVasity is becoming a popular python developers and users conference with 5 universities participating and over 120 attendees annually.

Discover The Potential Of Python And Related Technology
Date 2020-01-25
Time 11:00:00
Venue Kyambogo University Kampala, Uganda
Code of conduct

Conference events and activities

  • Keynote speech by Head of computer science department Makerere University
  • Web development(Django, Flask)
  • 5 years of promoting python among universities in East Africa
  • Exploring the potential of African talented developers
  • Building the python community in East Africa
  • Embedded Systems and IoT powered by Python
  • Geo mapping
  • Lighting talks
  • Tutorials


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